Colorado has been blessed with an abundance of wildlife from birds to moose and elk, and the ever elusive fox.

There are 277 species of birds that nest within the borders of Colorado. Theoretically, a person with lots of spare time and knowledge could see all 277 species during the month of June. During the rest of the year, an active bird-watcher could possibly see another 90 species. The fox is a beautiful and sleek creature and if you're fortunate enough you might even see a black one. Sightings of the black fox are rare, but they are present here.

Elk and moose are the most popular animals in North America, and people flock to parks and other locations to see them. One of the wonders of North American wildlife can be experienced during the dawn of an autumn day in elk country. As clouds lighten from gray to pink and mountains begin to glow, the bugling of a bull elk resonates across a valley. People who witness such scenes seldom forget the experience. Moose are truly impressive animals. A bull may stand more than six feet at the shoulder and weigh more than 1000 pounds.

Enjoy these images I've captured of these magnificent animals in their natural habitat, and share them with your friends in your home. Take time to fall in love with the world around you!

Bull Moose 1
Bull Moose 4
Bull Moose 5
Bull Moose 6
Moose 17
Bull Moose 7
Bull Moose 8
Moose 9
Moose 10
Big Horn Sheep 1
Moose 11
Big Horn Sheep 2
Moose 12
Big Horn Sheep 3
Moose 13
Big Horn Sheep 4
Moose 14
Deer 2
Moose 15
Mountain Lion 1
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