You can’t think of Colorado without picturing our iconic mountains. These natural wonders serve as the backdrop to the entire state. And whether you’re looking to ski down, climb up or simply enjoy their beauty, Colorado’s mountains are waiting to be explored.

Encompassing the most impressive stretch on the Rocky Mountains in the United States, Colorado is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise. The scenery belongs on the front of a Louis L’Amour novel. There are 54 peaks here that exceed 14,000 feet, providing the perfect alpine backdrop for climbing, rafting, camping, hunting and fishing, along with phenomenal, world-class ski resorts.

From the soaring snowy summit of Pikes Peak to the jagged teeth of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, they draw thousands of visitors every year to hike, camp and climb.

Enjoy these breathtaking images I've captured of these magnificent landscapes, and share them with your friends in your home. Take time to fall in love with the world around you!

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