Greetings everyone! Welcome to Summit County. After working as a full-time photographer in professional auto-racing for more than 20 years, I thought I had put the cameras down when I left racing. Then I moved up here and the sheer beauty of nature made me get them back out again.

It's quite a change going from the roar of cars to chasing a Steller's Jay through the air, or waiting for a bull moose to come into view. But I like the challenge. All of the images here were shot locally. Check back periodically for new ones. I have no set schedule. It's strictly as I come across something I like.

A few notes on ordering. Unmounted means exactly that. The print is sized as indicated and you mat and frame it. Mounted means mounted flush on 1/2” black gatorfoam with a picture loop on the back to hang it with. The flush black edge gives the photograph depth off the wall. No framing is needed and they're ready to hang as delivered. Ordering goes through PayPal for your security. Feel free to call or email with questions at 970-485-9023 or

Eagle 1
Eagle 2
Eagle 3
Mountain Lion 1
Mountain Lion 2
Mountian Lion 3
Mountain Lion 4
Mountian Lion 5
Fall Color 22
Mountain Lion 6
Bull Moose 1
Fall Color 23
Mountian Lion 7
Bull Moose 4
Fall Color 20
Mountain Lion 8
Bull Moose 5
Fall Color 21
Mountain Lion 9
Bull Moose 6
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